Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Overshadows Infinite Warfare

The Call of Duty franchise has seen a lot of ups and down throughout the years. Not only is the brand suffering from fatigue, but is also suffering from the ghastly yearly release schedule that all too many great franchises are subjected to. With the leak of the supposed newest Call of Duty entry (which has yet to be announced), could this be an early red flag warning for the soon to be latest addition to the long running first-person shooter franchise?

The picture shows a generic soldier holding what looks to be a space helmet along with some form or alternative version on an M4. This basic picture gives long time fans of the franchise a glimmer of hope. Past entries to the series have dramatically shifted from a realistic military fantasy setting to that of a science fiction novel. Between Black Ops III and Advanced Warfare’s futuristic guns and out of this world plot, many major aspects that drew gamers to the series in the first place have seemingly vanished, but what else do you expect from a yearly release franchise that needs to continuously top itself with each new entry?


If the weapon in the poster turns out to be a realistic variation to the M4 rifle, then gun lovers who enjoy modding their weapons and multiplayer will be able to have a sigh of relief, however this could potentially cause problems for the supposed setting of the game. It has been rumored that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will take place in the far off future and in space. If the setting proves to be true and the guns prove to be returning to a more realistic take, then prepare to hear the community outcry for why bullets and realistic guns will not work in space. Which technically is true, due to the absence of atmosphere and microgravity, the bullets would be able to travel at guns muzzle velocity. Nonetheless, bullets, space and space suits do not mix well. Even space stations do not work very well with bullets due to depressurization, but this a basic assumption (I am not a science major or an expert in space), so there is still the possibility that the game will take an Advance Warfare turn and populate the majority of the game with a laser-based arsenal that would better suit the setting of the game but would also upset the community for removing the realistic aspect of the weapons. Really there is no winning; no matter what they do, it will be unapologetically criticized.

On the other hand, the game will be yet another entry into the franchise that has long strayed from where it has started and settled down new roots in a new atmospheric setting. The past few entries into the franchise have been rather lackluster or at best another go around with the Black Ops setting, which, personally I feel had saved the franchise. I actually believe that anyone who purchases this Call of Duty will not spend the majority of their time with Infinite Warfare as the main draw and therein lies the catch.


Activision is going to not only sell a large quantity of units, but is also going to make a pretty penny off of this game regardless if it is half-way decent or not. The very fact that someone, somewhere, inside the inner workings of Activision, came up with the idea to bundle Infinite Warfare with the nostalgic remastered version of Modern Warfare is a red flag. The main reason to purchase this release (keeping in mind we haven’t seen or heard anything about the title officially) is the fact that the Legacy Edition comes with Modern Warfare, one of, if not the best, addition to the Call of Duty franchise ever.

The vast majority of fans old and new are already on board with this rumor and ready to place down some money for the game due to the bundle addition alone and it’s sickening to know that if the rumors prove to be true this game will sell like lemonade on a hot summer day. Everyone will be shelling out an extra few bucks just to be able to play the beloved and nostalgic Modern Warfare again on the latest consoles. Keep in mind that this, all of this is nothing more than speculation based off a rumor and my personal feelings after being burned by previous Call of Duty titles. E3 could roll around and Infinite Warfare could end up being the best thing since the joining of chocolate and peanut butter and the whole experience could be mind blowing, but I’m not getting my hopes up based off of the past.