Mighty No. 9 Finally Goes Gold With Release Date

Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No.9 has been long in the making. It was first announced back in 2013 at PAX as a spiritual successor to the Mega Man series as the former Capcom employee had felt the series was long neglected by company. The game was crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a total of $900,000 within two days on September 2 and has had some difficulties in its development since then. The game had received numerous delays and backers have been frustrated with lack of communication with the studio. Well, fans now will not have to worry no longer as the game now has a final and concrete release date.

Keiji Inafune announced that the game has gone gold and will be coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, 360 and PS3 on June 21. The PS Vita and 3DS versions will be coming at a later undisclosed date. In his official statement he addresses the concerns and frustrations with the backers.

“To all of our backers and fans of Mighty No. 9,

Firstly, I would like to say again how sincerely sorry we are for how long we have kept all of our fans waiting. We are finally able to deliver some long awaited news regarding Mighty No. 9. We have now confirmed the following release dates for Mighty No. 9: June 21st 2016 (North America & Asia) and June 24th 2016 (World Wide). We understand that as a result of the various delays we have disappointed and let down our fans, but we are happy to finally be able to deliver the game to everyone who brought us this far.

With the game having ‘gone gold’ we are in the last final stages of being able to deliver it into your hands, be that via your favorite retail outlet, or via digital channels.

Therefore the release date we are announcing is set in stone and there will be no further delays for the game.”

Were you one of the backers of this game? If so, how do you feel now that the game will finally be arriving and to those who did not, are you interested in purchasing this game when it launches? Let us know in the comments below.