Humble Eye Candy Bundle Now Available

Beautiful games are fairly commonplace in gaming, but it isn’t often that an entire bundle full of them drops on our virtual doorstep. The Humble Eye Candy Bundle is now available for everyone to enjoy. The pay what you want tier is one of the best offered up, with Human Resource Machine, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut, and A Boy and His Blob available for $1 or more.

Beating the average of around $5 presently gets you Mini Metro, Mushroom 11, and the local multiplayer gem Towerfall Ascension. Paying $10 gets you all that plus Evoland 2 – a delightful sequel to the original, that paid homage to just about every major gaming generation that JRPGs have been a part of. If you enjoyed the first one, then grabbing the second one in this bundle is a no-brainer and it nets you a ton of other games too.