Check Out Squid Sisters’ Second Live Performance in Full

Splatoon has been an enormous hit worldwide, but it’s especially popular in Japan. The game has sold over a million units there alone, and inspired an array of merchandise, but nothing epitomizes Splatoon’s popularity amongst Japanese players more than the live hologram concerts the Squid Sisters have been holding. Thousands of fans have gathered to sing, dance, and frolic with Callie and Marie on two occasions, and with the in-game idols soon receiving their own amiibo figures, their popularity may only increase.

The most recent concert, held at the Chokaigi 2016 gaming event in Japan, even features a selection of new songs, likely to be amongst those unlocked when you tap the new amiibo into Splatoon. If you haven’t seen the Squid Sisters in concert, you should check out the video below to see what you’ve been missing. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.