‘Dungeons 2’ Gets Instructional PS4 Trailer

A port of the PC game by Realmforge Studios, and published by Kalypso Media, Dungeons 2 on PlayStation 4 is a dungeon-building game with personality. Players build their underground dungeon and accumulate forces to expand and weaponize as much of their underground lair as possible. While workers may never take breaks, they can be abused into working a little faster, and the eventual invasion by NPC heroes make the preparation all the more important. It’s pretty standard, if refined and tuned. There are times when things may be quiet in the underground. In those situations, players can send monsters above-ground into the the overworld and attack human villages directly.

As a console port, there are some notable control changes, so Kalyso has released a 100 second instructional video for newcomers. Dungeons 2 is available on PC, Mac, Steam OS, and will hit PlayStation 4 on May 24.