Giant Apes, Salmon Steak Join ARK: Survival Evolved

The May update to Early Access open-world survival game ARK: Survival Evolved has some new free goodies for its early adopters on PC. For those who are new to the in-development MMO world of ARK, the game sees players needing to survive on a dinosaur island. Fortunately, these dinosaurs can be overcome and tamed.

The newest addition the island’s wildlife is a Lystrosaurus, a dog-like creature basically made to be loved. On the less cute spectrum is the Arthropluera, a giant centipede with acid-spit. Then there’s the Sabertooth Salmon, which apparently exist to be eaten. While none of these new additions can provide much mobility, a new craft-able grappling hook has been added, allowing greater movement in combat. This can be paired with new Primitive Bolas which will help players change up their tactics.

The most prominent of these new updates is a new boss fight. Megapithecus is a giant ape, with an army of monkeys, who lurks over in a snowy mountain arena. Finally, player-created Tribes now have a Member Ranking system. The Ranking system allows players to assign privileges, like inventory or structure access, to members of their Tribes based on rank, as well as create Sub-Groups for more specific member organization.

See the spotlight video for these new updates below. ARK: Survival Evolved is currently playable on Xbox One, via Microsoft’s Game Preview, and Steam Early Access on PC.