Dress Up for Splatoon’s Next Splatfest Presented by Miitomo

Whether you prefer dressing up for a fancy party or getting a bit kooky for a costume party, you will fit right at home for Splatoon’s next Splatfest. Either way you split it, a party is a party!

First, we had Splatoon costumes added to the Miitomo app. Now, you get to choose what Miitomo outfit you would choose to play for in Splatoon. It’s Team Fancy Party against Team Costume Party in Splatoon’s first ever global Splatfest. Now, those playing in North America will get teamed up with Japanese and European players who have chosen the same side.

While it’s not one of the Splatfests events we were hoping for, this will be fun regardless. Elegance and class against wild and crazy. Splatfest starts 5/13 at 8 PM PT and ends at 3 AM PT on 5/15.