Here’s G2’s Reason for Taking a Break

If you’ve been paying attention to MSI the first two days you’ve undoubtedly heard about the EU LCS champs and their decision to go on vacation leading up to MSI.

MSI or the Mid-Season Invitational is a big deal. It’s not just some international tournament to congratulate teams for their Spring split achievement. It’s how teams get their seeding going into Worlds. When you make it to MSI you’re representing your whole region and your success is their success. Bragging rights aside it actually does mean something very important.

So when it was revealed that G2 decided to take a holiday instead of practicing teams and fans in Europe were more than a little pissed. Thus far G2 has looked absolutely awful. Maybe that’s a hyperbole, but regardless as to what you believe their form is they’re 0-4 going into day three of the group stage.

Now according to the team’s statement they just wanted to take a break after the grueling Spring split. That and apparently there wasn’t any suitable teams to scrim against before the tournament. Now you may be thinking, “why not just bootcamp?” Well, apparently they tried but ran into visa issues. There’s a list of reasons as to why they apparently couldn’t get into form resulting in their results thus far.

Hopefully for all of Europe’s sake they can get it together, but it’s going to take some incredible play from here on out to do so.