‘Batman: Return to Arkham’ Featured Inside WB Games Italian Magazine

It looks like WB and Rocksteady aren’t done with the Arkham series and are finally ready to remaster and port it over to the newer generation consoles.  With the success of Batman: Arkham Knight on the newer consoles, fans have been waiting for the day that this news would surface.

It’s been in speculation for a very long time but finally, on June 10, we will be able to join Batman in both Arkham Asylum and the new super-prison of Arkham City on the PS4 and Xbox One.  It was officially announced through a magazine feature of the game in WB Games magazine in Italy that was specified specifically for retailers.

Check out the photo of the magazine page as well as the cover art for game, (and hey, maybe some info on the game if you can read in Italian).

Batman Return To Arkham