Paragon Reveals New Hero GRIM.exe

So last time when Epic Games unveiled its latest Hero for their MOBA-in-progress Paragon, Iggy and Scorch, I complimented the fun character design, but also expressed slight disappointment in that they didn’t go full Master Blaster with the concept of a tiny character riding what could have been a much larger creature. But now, with the reveal of their latest hero, GRIM.exe, I’d like to think they were paying attention.

Yes, technically this this is only one character – an imp controlling a giant robot – but as you can see in the announcement video below, the way he looks in action and in general does indeed capture the spirit of the classic Thunderdome battler quite nicely. And he looks like a blast to play as, with a focus on ranged attacks via pulse cannon, knockbacks, and deadly homing orbs, to name a few skills. Those of you playing Paragon in Early Access who want to help give this killing machine a spin can do so on May 10, when GRIM.exe becomes available. Just remember to cue the Tina Turner music at the right moment.