Dead Island Retro Revenge Free with Definitive Edition

Deep Silver’s Dead Island Definitive Edition will once again invite gamers on a gory vacation at the end of the month and today they’ve sweetened the deal. Dead Island Retro Revenge is a sidescrolling beat ‘em up inspired by retro games in the same genre from years back when that will be included with the upcoming rerelease.

The trailer shows off the eye-popping color pallette and introduces us to a new character named Max whose out for vengeance after his cat gets stolen. You’ll slice and dice zombie foes with all sorts of items as you rack up score and reach the top of the kitty saving leaderboards. Strangely enough, the game’s setting appears to be very similar to the little we’ve been shown of Dead Island 2.

Dead Island Retro Revenge will come as a free bonus with Dead Island Definitive Edition or as a standalone download at an unannounced future date for $4.99.