Dragon Blaze Patch Continues Chapter 3, Adds New Allies and Essence

Gamevil continues to ramp things up in the third chapter of Dragon Blaze. Last week we got a significant upgrade in the form of two new modes (Fortress and Destruction Dungeon), and just week before that we had the first batch of Dragon Busters. Well it looks like the fun doesn’t stop there as Gamevil has announced the latest update, available tonight, will contain a plethora of content.

While the second batch of Dragon Busters are still a dream at this point, the first batch of long awaited Awakened characters will be released: Refuge King Gram and Merciful Mercedes. If you’re not familiar with the names, both of these characters were vital in the first chapter of Dragon Blaze, Gram being a corrupted king and Mercedes being his innocent daughter.

Refuge King Gram is a Tank Warrior whose abilities are primarily damage based, with the exception of Respect the King, which casts invulnerability and an attack bonus. Merciful Mercedes on the other hand is a Priest character who is all about healing, debuffing, and reviving allies one-by-one. Unlike the standard deities, Refuge King Gram and Merciful Mercedes will need specific characters to obtain: Hero King Gram and Princess Mercedes. Players will also need a specific new Essence to obtain and upgrade these new allies: Hero Essence.

With the two Awakened allies comes a brand new location to explore. The Ivory Grave Ruins is apparently the location of a legendary clash between orcs and dragons. Players will find skeleton-like enemies spread throughout, but despite their demise, they are powerful foes that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

After completing this section of the map, a new Raid boss will be added in the form of a Frozen Tyrant. This being is very similar to that of the Storm Tyrant in the first chapter, but instead of being a sand monster, it has icy coated scales. If players are able to take down this stun-heavy, thick scaled enemy, you’ll be treated with a selection of new equipment.

To fight this raid boss, players will need to reach the new level cap of 88, which hopefully will be as easy to obtain as the last six levels.

Dragon Blaze is currently available on iOS and Android devices.