HITMAN Designer Talks PS4 Exclusive Content

In a new video centering on exclusive PlayStation 4 content in the ongoing HITMAN episodic sandbox game, Io-Interactive’s Lead Online Designer Torben Ellert uses PlayStation-exclusive group of side-mission “The Sarajevo Six” as an example of the design philosophy behind the latest HITMAN game. Ellert talks about how information is relayed to the player via the in-game world, how they handled episodic story-telling in a game, and how those elements tied together to form a more cohesive game experience across multiple episodes. The Sarajevo Six missions has HITMAN protagonist Agent 47 pursuing six former members of the paramilitary unit CICADA, who also happen to have committed terrible war crimes.

See Ellert’s Sarajevo Six talk below. While the reception of HITMAN’s episodic format is still mixed, we founded it’s latest excursion quite pleasant.

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