Horizon: Zero Dawn Could Still Be Coming This Year

It was claimed a few weeks ago that Guerilla Games’ upcoming new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn may have been delayed to 2017. But according to an inlet provided with physical retail copies of Uncharted 4, the promotional artwork for Horizon appears to still state the game’s release as “2016” though no specific release date or window is given.

Horizon Zero Dawn Inlet

It should be noted however, that due to the close timing of both April’s rumor on the game getting delayed and Uncharted 4’s production of shipments after having gone gold,¬†Horizon’s fate could very well still slip into next year and what we’re seeing is old promotional material bundled in¬†with physical copies. We’ll have to see if Guerilla Games and/or Sony will clear this matter up at E3 next month and perhaps offer up a reason to an inevitable delay.