Put a Smile on with The Angry Birds Movie Toys at McDonalds

Though it sounds like an oxymoron, you can be pretty angry and smile at the same time. It’s not impossible. Anyway, McDonalds restaurants will begin promoting The Angry Birds Movie all over the globe with various toys and activities this month. It comes just in time for the launch of the film in theaters May 20.

The Happy Meal toys feature figures of the movie’s main characters including Red, Chuck, Bomb and more. You could even receive entire play sets based on its mobile game origins to fling at and shoot down at structures. Check out some images of the goodies below. There are also codes included with the toys to download special unlockable items in Angry Birds Action!

This is a promotion that will take place in multiple countries and regions of the world. If you happen to visit some of the Asian restaurants, they could try out some new burgers, sandwiches, and other items to enjoy. Chow down at McDonalds before or after seeing The Angry Birds Movie to get into the fun.