Disney to Cease Publishing Console Games, Disney Infinity Cancelled

Disney Infinity burst out of the gate strong and has only improved since it originally debuted in 2013. Last year’s 3.0 finally saw the realization of the potential of the toys-to-life brand, offering players a fully formed universe to experience and create famous Disney properties. Unfortunately, word came a few months ago that there would not be a yearly update this year and instead Disney would focus on updating 3.0. Although a tad worrisome, the fact that it seemed hard to improve on 3.0 made it seem positive that Disney would begin to look at Infinity as platform instead of a Skylanders yearly release standalone game venture.

Unfortunately, however, that has turned out to be the beginning of the end for the franchise.

Disney announced today that it would be discontinuing Infinity and shutting down its main developer, Avalanche Software. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Avalanche has been around since 1995, developing games such as Tak, Chicken Little, Cars and many more. Around 300 jobs are expected to be lost in the closure.

Not only will this mark the end of Disney Infinity, but also the end of Disney as a console video game publisher and developer. The company will begin to transition exclusively to a licensing model. Its video game arm, Disney Interactive Studios, has been responsible for games like Tron 2.0, DuckTales, Epic Mickey, Fantasia: Music Evolved and many more.

Although the company is behind Kingdom Hearts, this change should not affect the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, as that is being developed and published by Square Enix with Disney serving as a distributor.

There will be two final releases for Disney Infinity, including three more chapters from Alice Through the Looking Glass and a Finding Dory Playset in June.