EA Will Only Bring Games to Nintendo NX ‘if it Makes Sense’

EA games on the new Nintendo NX isn’t a for sure thing at this time.

The Nintendo NX is out March 2017, but many are already speculating about what types of games the platform will have. While third-party Japanese developers (i.e. Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, etc.) will likely hop on board, it’s unclear whether Western third-party developers will do the same. Probably the biggest question mark is EA, the publisher who yanked Wii U support after releasing only four games.

So, will EA release games for the NX? Only time will tell, as it appears that the company has not come to a definitive decision.

“I personally and the company are huge fans of Nintendo, they’re the reason why I started making games,”¬†executive vice president Patrick Soderlund told the BBC.

“We’re in constant communication with them and when they come to market something – and if it makes sense for us – we’ll be there.”

EA has a busy schedule this year with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 scheduled to launch this fall, and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming early next year. Expect to see all of these games, plus more, at E3 2016 this June. Nintendo, on the other hand, will remain silent on the NX until later this year.