Puzzle-Platformer TurnOn Receives Xbox One, PC, Mac Release Date

TurnOn, an electric side-scroller puzzle-platformer, is scheduled for release on Xbox One, PC and Mac on June 1, independent developer Brainy Studio announced today.

Assuming the role of a small alien spark called Turnon, players are tasked with keeping the lights running in the city, having been responsible for the complete blackout in the first place.

Professor Brain, a scientist from the power station, supports the player in their quest to keep the electricity up and running throughout the entire city, helping Turnon travel from location to location via a minibus equipped with an electric generator.

Brainy Studio has confirmed in its press release that TurnOn will support nineteen languages.

Brainy Studio, founded in 2013 by Evgenii Romin, Ilia Antonov, Anton Baranov and Dmitri Ogorodnikov, has said that WWF’s Earth Hour campaign was an inspiration for TurnOn.

According to WWF’s website, Earth Hour is an annualized “global celebration where people switch off their lights for one hour to show they care about the future of our planet.”

You can watch the announcement trailer for TurnOn below: