The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is (Finally) Available For Consoles

This one felt like it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r, but the expansion for The Binding  of Isaac: Rebirth has finally been released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from Nicalis Inc. This massive expansion pack to the already time sucking base game has been lighting up the PC since October of last year. The wait was worth it, at least.

The list of enhancements is gargantuan. First, there are over one thousand new rooms to be slotted into the randomly generated maps. Then we have dozens upon dozens of new items and pick ups to figure out and use. The new item combos and transformations look to be very interesting, along with the ten new challenge runs to attempt. Leaderboards have been added, along with daily runs to lose at. It just goes on and on.


One of the most intriguing additions is the new Greed Mode. During play, it seems to be a condensing of the full game to allow quick runs for players who don’t have an hour. Players are dropped into a room with a switch. Stepping on it starts a wave based challenge, with each completed wave rewarding the player with money. It stops after eight waves, though the beleaguered can stop it sooner by stepping on the (now spiked) button. After the initial waves, there is an opportunity to power up at the shop and then take on a shorter boss wave. It certainly isn’t easy, as I have yet to clear it once. (To my shame, I have only made it to floor two.)

We will certainly have a review of this expansion coming up in the next few days. For those who cannot wait, it can be stated, based on initial play, that this is recommended for the eleven dollar asking price. However, more time will need to be spent before rendering a concrete verdict.