Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Treasure Guide (Chapters 1-11)

One of the biggest games to hit the PlayStation 4 is finally upon us, and in it are a bunch of little treasures to find in order to purchase extras, including skins and cheats. We have created a guide to give you a good idea where to find each of the 109 treasures, and this article will serve as the first eleven chapters (roughly half of them). If you’re looking for the final eleven chapters, be sure to head over here.

Chapter 2: Infernal Place

Treasure 01: As soon as you begin, next to your grappling hook there will be a well. Drop down there and grab the first of many treasures.

Treasure 02: When you first enter the ancient prison, go down stairs where there will be a journal note. On the opposite side of the room beside a pillar will be a sparkly treat.

Chapter 3: The Malaysia Job

Treasure 01: At the start of the chapter, go a little to the right of where you begin and you’ll come across a large branch on top of two large rocks. What you’re looking for is below the branch.

Treasure 02: In the “second” area before you find the container, on the left, the earth will be deformed as seen in the images below. Just go down in between the rock formation.

Treasure 03: Upon finding the wrecked container, at the opposite side of the area from where you entered, the treasure will be located on a rock, hidden in the foliage.

Treasure 04: When you get out of the water, you’ll find this one on a shelf on the heightened platform (where there will be an optional dialogue option).


Chapter 6: Once a Thief

Treasure 01: Upon getting a good view of the ocean, hug the wall left.

Treasure 02: After the two armed guards pass in the lemon tree area, in the corner on a window frame you’ll find a shiny.

Treasure 03: As soon as you get control and in your suit, turn around and enter the room behind you, take a left and it’ll be on the cabinet.

Treasure 04: Take a right outside and then immediately another right to find one tucked in the corner.

Treasure 05: After swiping the keycard, take a left in the basement and it’ll be neatly hidden behind some boxes.

Treasure 06: Going down the stairs, do a 180 at the bottom.

Treasure 07: When you get outside, instead of going towards Sam, jump down. Continue forth until you hit a ladder and pipes. Climb those and jump onto the roofing.

Treasure 08: Upon climbing up for the first time, instead of going down, head left and climb the cross-shaped doorway. Jump across to the right where there’s a railing (if you miss you might need to restart the chapter), and it’ll be located on the pillar.

Treasure 09: Learning Nathan did not plummet to his death, swing across on the pole and immediately take a left and hang on the ledge. Climb a bit to find the final treasure of chapter 9.


Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery

Treasure 01: Right at the beginning of the chapter, hug left and upwards to find the first.

Treasure 02: The complete opposite of the first, head left from the beginning until you reach a small cave. It will be located in here.

Treasure 03: When you reach an outpost for Shoreline, hug the wall on the right.

Treasure 04: This one can be easy to miss. After the first encounter and climbing up the moveable box, there will be an indent on the left where you can dug under. You’ll have to throw a grenade to clear the boxes, but behind it will be treasure 4.

Treasure 05: In the midst of the sliding puzzles and swinging across an area. Look down off the ledge to the right and you’ll see you can climb down there. It will be located in a patch of snow.

Treasure 06: After the sliding puzzles, you’ll reach a giant door. Instead of opening it, go to the left of it and climb upwards to find something below a statue.

Treasure 07: After the cemetery section you’ll reach a puzzle. Instead of going forwards towards the three statues, take a left and enter the small destroyed room.

Treasure 08: Probably the only treasure during a combat encounter, when you swing across a gap you will instantly be entered into a stealth/combat section. Go into the small cove and instead of going up, go into the cave below to find a flint pistol and a treasure.

Treasure 09: In the same area, after you clear the enemies, jump across a gap before or after boosting Sam up to find another treasure-filled cave.

Treasure 10: Upon seeing the giant gross, turn around and go where Sam came from by dropping down.

Treasure 11: After jumping across a couple skinny ledges above a ship, this final treasure will be located under the steps going up.


Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy

Treasure 01: Before going across the first rigid bridge, to to the left of it is a pathway downward to the first treasure.

Treasure 02: After getting across the bridge and a little further (where there’s another optional dialogue conversation), look to the right of where the path leads to see a grappling point. Jump down and grapple to it, and swing across to a ledge to find a Last of Us tribute treasure.

Treasure 03: When you swing downwards (where you need to boost Sam up once more), turn around from where the screenshot shows and climb down the ledge.

Treasure 04: After the cutscene with Rafe and Nadine, move forward but instead of going right, head left where there are collapsed statues.

Treasure 05: After making it the doorway where your goal was, turn around and head down an edge to see a sparkling item.

Treasure 06: The puzzle that needs you to move a crate on the other side of the room, behind the crate behind more boxes will be what you’re looking for.


Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers

Treasure 01: Your companions will basically point this one out to you when you com across a damaged structure. Get out and climb up.

Treasure 02: When you find a waterfall, go behind it and do the box puzzle to collect your pistol treasure.

Treasure 03: Being at the bottom of a mudslide, climb up to find a structure with an emblem on the ground. Climb the building.

Treasure 04: Another destroyed structure you’ll come across has it simply lying on a box.

Treasure 05: When you find an opening in the rocks, get out and climb up and take a left to find it.

Treasure 06: After a battle and collapsing a bridge, head up and hug left to find yet another destroyed structure. Climb it and it will be on the windowsill.

Treasure 07: In the first colossal area, head left to the structure. Park your vehicle so you can climb up, shoot the exploding barrel to find an opening in the ceiling, climb down and treasure 7 will be on the table.

Treasure 08: From the start of the area, head right instead to find a well. Grab your wench and destroy a wood pillar. Jump across and grab the ancient treasure.

Treasure 09: This one can be tricky. Hugging left from the main area, you can climb up a mountain in which you’ll have to hug the wall otherwise your vehicle may fall. Head upwards and you’ll find two graves and a building. The treasure is located at the back.

Treasure 10: From treasure 8, drive more to the right to find an optional encounter. After taking care of all the enemies, destroy the barrels next to the hole once more to uncover even more riches.

Treasure 11: From treasure 9, move downward and to the left more to find an optional encounter. Take care of them and use the TNT to destroy a door. In this structure will be another.

Treasure 12: When you come across a large pyre, climb it.

Treasure 13: When you’re finally out of the driving section, to the right of the doorway where you’re supposed to go in a treasure on a barrel.

Treasure 14: After Sam goes down on his own, take a left and it will be located behind some boxes.

Treasure 15: You’d think you’d be done with the room, but no. To the right of where you enter will be three boxes. Blow them up and collect what’s under them.


Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight

Treasure 01: From the start of the mission, go down the stairs and take two lefts to find an alleyway beside the hotel. Go to the back of the alley.

Treasure 02: This one is different from the rest. From where you go down the stairs, hug to the left to find a merchant who will sell you a compass. Drake believes it’s treasure so why not.

Treasure 03: Upon entering the cathedral, move around a corner to find one under a small statue.

Treasure 04: Climbing the bell tower, instead of using the bell, climb higher to find another platform. One of the three available sides of the tower will have a treasure.

Treasure 05: After destroying everything and back at the ground level, instead of going down, circle around the rubble to find the final treasure for the chapter.


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