Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Hits 2 Million Downloads

iPhone and Android users have downloaded Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X (pronounced “key”) over 2 million times.

This comes just under a month after the game’s launch, and while this includes things like redownloads and things of this nature, it is still an impressive number. Unchained X is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play for free, and with no micro transactions, so at that price point, it’s not a very hard sell.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X 1
In Unchained X, players take up the role of a child and keyblade wielder from before the keyblade wars. If you are deep into the lore of Kingdom Hearts, you’ll know that before the wars, there were hundreds of people with the ability to use a keyblade. It’s kind of like Star Wars. Before the war there were a bunch, afterwords, not so much. The game is touch based with a turn based combat system and it works like a point and click adventure while walking around the world.

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play.