Cartoon Network Brings Adventure Time to Dungeon Link

Gamevil and Cartoon Network have partnered up to release Adventure Time content for the popular mobile game, Dungeon Link. Dungeon Link is a hero-based Puzzle-RPG where players will need to connect the dots in various stages while defeating monsters in the process. By collecting various characters, they will enhance their arsenal and capabilities to move forward in the world.

With the addition of Adventure Time to the formula, players will be introduced to more than 21 characters from the popular show. This includes the iconic Finn, Jake, Gunter, and Ice King, along with pulls from minor characters such as the Breakfast Princess, Party Pat, Marceline the Vampire Queen and various others. Along with these new heroes added to the collection, there will be three Adventure Time themed stages (episodes) to play through.

All of this will be released on May 16, which is the tip of the iceberg as Gamevil and Cartoon Network are planing multiple Adventure Time releases for Dungeon Link within the next year. The creators even created a spiffy animated opening for the new content that you can see below.

Dungeon Link is available on both iOS and Android devices.