CHVRCHES Composes Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Theme Song

First-person platforming fans anticipating Mirror’s Edge Catalyst may be interested in knowing that Scottish indie synth-pop group CHVRCHES (pronounced “churches”) have produced an original song for the upcoming game’s soundtrack. Like Lisa Miskovsky’s “Still Alive” did for the original Mirror’s Edge, “Warning Call” is a pleasant, easy-listening track from CHVRCHES meant to capture the feel and tone of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Fans of CHVRCHES and the original Mirror’s Edge alike will be in for a slight change of pace with “Warning Call,” but they’re sure to pick up on its message of taking the things that bring you down, burying it, and rising above.

But without further ado, take a listen of “Warning Call,” by CHVRCHES, below. It really grows on you! Mirror’s Edge Catalyst arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on June 7 in North America and on June 9 in Europe.



Source: Song via NettwerkMusic