Hitman’s First Elusive Target Arrives Tomorrow

As part of the game’s ongoing series of live content and additions, the first Elusive Target to this year’s Hitman will arrive tomorrow. Described as “specially crafted, unique targets”, these certain targets will not be so easy to find and/or identify and require players to do a little bit more digging and investigation in order to confirm the identification.

To heighten the difficulty, Elusive Targets will not show up in either the mini-map or through Agent 47’s Instinct Mode and will be a one-chance scenario. Fail, and that’s it…gone. The first target will be available for 48 hours following its inclusion and will not return once the time expires. It’s unclear whether Square Enix or IO Interactive will be so willing to mention their next target’s addition so keep a close eye on any tad hints over the coming months. You can check out what we thought of the game’s second episode in our review here.