iFun4all Announces ’70s Stealth Game Serial Cleaner

If you’ve ever watched any police shows or films, then you may be familiar with the concept of a “cleaner.” Basically, it’s someone who gets paid to discreetly clean up murder/crime scenes and remove any traces of evidence. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to play as a cleaner in a video game (well, outside of Monaco)? Well, wonder no longer, because developers iFun4All have revealed their new stealth/action game, Serial Cleaner.

Set in the 1970s and with levels inspired by actual murder scenes from the decade, you play as a professional cleaner who has to clear out various locales where grisly accidents and gruesome murders have occurred, while avoiding the police roaming around. As seen in the initial trailer below, though, Serial Cleaner is infused with a stylistic ’70s art style and a sense of black humor to lighten the mood a bit, and utilizes real-world data to modify top-down levels that look like a mix of Viscera Cleanup Detail and Party Hard.

iFun4all haven’t announced what platforms Serial Cleaner will appear on yet, nor do they have a release date in mind at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted when it comes to any new developments concerning the game. Until then, you can learn more about Serial Cleaner and view some initial screenshots on the game’s website.