Monster Hunter Generations Dated for the West, Special Edition Unveiled

Capcom have today confirmed that Monster Hunter: Generations, the Western release of Monster Hunter X — which came out in November of last year in Japan — will be available in both North America & Europe, for the 3DS, on July 15. Alongside the release date, a Limited Edition New 3DS XL was announced that comes in two colours depending on the region you reside in. Below is a shot of the blue US version, with Europe getting a similarly red version.

Monster Hunter Generations Limited Edition

The game will be compatible with both the original 3DS and the New 3DS with the newer handheld’s additional controls alongside enhanced graphics. Capcom have confirmed that Generations will come pre-installed on the Limited Edition model, however will be bundled separately in North America. Both territories can get a taster of the game before it releases with an upcoming demo that will be released by the Nintendo eShop, however a date for the demo has yet to be released. Check out a new trailer for the game below.