Only the Strong Survive the Ravages of Skullface at Slayaway Camp

Once upon a time, in the far off land of 1983, there was a summer camp built on the forgotten burial site of the ancient people of the S’lay’a Way.  It seemed like a good camp, properly removed from civilization and a perfect place for teenagers to act like obnoxious drug-fueled oversexed jerks, but one year something went wrong.  Or maybe something went right, depending on which side of Skull Face’s mask you were looking at.  One year after a terrible accident its victim has returned to seek his revenge, and cubic blood will be spilled by the gallons as Skull Face turns the peaceful Camp Slayaway into a carnage-filled slaughterhouse of death.

Slayaway Camp is the first game from Blue Wizard, a new indie studio comprised of Jason Kopalka (co-founder of Popcap, game designer on Heavy Weapon), Ido Yehieli (Cardinal Quest) and Nate Schmold (Cosmochoria).  It’s mobile-only for now, iOS and Android, and beneath the blood and chaos is a puzzler where you figure out the best way to dispatch each level’s cast of victims.  Direct attacks work nicely but so does luring them into traps, and so long as nobody survives the night you can hold your head up high as a proud 80s movie slasher.  Skull Face is only one of the playable killers, but all of them (even the deadly refrigerator) will rack up a body count to be proud of.  As the trailer below shows, Camp Slayaway is more about being a fun tribute to the teen slasher genre, tongue firmly in cheek, than being a realistic gore-fest, and it’s got a killer synth-metal theme song to introduce its bloody, blocky action.