Star Wars Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC is Free to Play for Everyone this Weekend

Everyone will be able to try Outer Rim, the first DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront, for free this weekend.

EA and Dice are hosting this special trial starting on May 13 and ending on May 15. Players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will get to try out nearly all the content that came with the Outer Rim DLC.

All players will get to go hands-on with all four of the new mutliplayer player maps. These are Jabba’s Palace and the Palace Garage on Tatooine, to the SoroSuub Refinery and Pipelines on Sullust. Players will also get some intimate time with Extraction, the new game mode that launched with Outer Rim. In extraction, the Rebels attempt to extract a shipment of goods, and the Empire tries to stop that. Finally, players get the opportunity to play as the new heroes; Nien Nunb for the Rebels, and Greedo for the Empire.

What isn’t included are the brand new weapons, which can only be earned through Hutt Contracts. Only those who purchased the Season Pass or Outer Rim DLC have access to these new tools of destruction. After May 15, only those with the Season Pass or Outer Rim DLC can continue playing with all this content.

Star Wars Battlefront and Outer Rim are out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The second DLC, Bespin, is due out sometime this summer.