SKT Dominate RNG En Route to MSI Grand Finals

If you couldn’t manage to stay up and watch the Bo5 series between the LPL champion and the LCK champion then you missed SKT T1 returning to dominate form.

After group stage nobody knew what was going to happen. It seemed like SKT had all but collapsed and RNG were the heavy favorites to win it all after only losing two games. Their last matchup during the group stage was one of the best games of the tournament. It went 60 minutes and SKT had to once again come back from a huge early game deficit to win. That’s how everyone thought the playoffs were going to go for them. Both teams would bring about one of the greatest Bo5’s we’ve seen. Unfortunately for RNG, SKT found their form again.

The first game went according to the original outlook. RNG target banned Duke and SKT targeted Wuxx. Faker pulled out Fizz, a pick that he’s only played once this season, and performed well, but the rest of his team didn’t show up. The main problem game 1 for SKT was Looper and the incredible dominance he displayed in top lane. While the end game stat line may not show it he single handedly made Duke a non-factor. That coupled with the numerous bad teleports by Duke SKT just never manage to get into the game. It went 41 due to some good sporadic play by SKT, but ultimately just ended in a loss.

Game two is where SKT never looked back. Once again Duke was targeted, but this time SKT picked up Azir for Faker and that proved to be the biggest difference maker. After less than stellar performances on it during the group stage Faker played it amazingly. In the fastest game of the series Faker had a damage output of 22.6k in a 23 minute game. He and Bang accounted for 13 of the team’s 19 kills and SKT looked to be back. Looper was out-of-sorts on Ryze and Xiaohu was irrelevant on LeBlanc. The second game was old school SKT.

The third game wasn’t as quick, but RNG changed up their last ban. Instead of taking out Ekko they banned Ryze and first picked Azir. Now Duke had a champ he could work with as SKT first picked Ekko and he proceeded to dish out all of his frustrations from the previous games racking up a 6/0/8 stat line and the second highest damage in the game. It took SKT 38 minutes to secure this one, but after securing an early gold lead they never looked back.

Game four was the finale and perfectly encapsulated the series. SKT was only getting better as the games went on and while it wasn’t their quickest game it was a perfect game against the number one seed in the tournament. SKT didn’t lose a single objective nor did anyone die. RNG changed all of their bans taking out Soraka and Sivir who had been played in every game so far, and also banned Faker’s Fizz. They were out of sorts. They once again first picked Azir and left Duke to have the strongest top laner of the patch in Maokai. They also left Faker’s Ryze that was picked in the first rotation and Bang grabbed Ezreal. Needless to say SKT took this game very quickly as they all had their comfort picks and were back in form. It only took them 27 minutes to perfect the number one seed of MSI and 3-1 them.

Other than Faker’s great performances every match the biggest thing going for SKT was the fact that Wolf had completely adapted his play style in a week. The first three games he played as Soraka and performed extremely well and the last game he played as Karma continuing that trend. They also provided Faker with a lot of vision to prevent MLXG from getting Xiaohu and early lead. So, barring some crazy setbacks, it seems the original tournament favorites and defending world champs are back. You can catch all the games from this morning here.