Tom Clancy’s The Division has 9.5 Million Registered Users

Ubisoft held their Fiscal Year 2016 earnings presentation yesterday, and Tom Clancy’s The Division was quite the star.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has surpassed all expectations to become an absolute behemoth. According to Ubisoft, The Division has record engagement with over 9.5 million registered users that clock an average of three hours a day. An astonishing 20% of those who own The Division also purchased the game’s season pass, a record number for an Ubisoft game.

The Division wasn’t the only star of Ubisoft’s earning’s report. Far Cry Primal delivered a record performance for a game released in February, however Ubisoft did not release any sales data. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege continues to perform well thanks to high player engagement. Average daily active users for Siege are at 60% of peak daily active users. According to Ubisoft, this is a remarkable performance compared to industry standards. Once again, Ubisoft did not release any sales data.

Though physical sales remain high, digital sales are on the rise. Ubisoft’s digital sales grew from 26% in Fiscal Year 2015 to 32% in Fiscal Year 2016. Expect to see Ubisoft continue to push digital sales with full game titles and DLC.

Finally, Ubisoft reiterated that it holds three of the top four biggest new IPs ever. Tom Clancy’s The Division, Destiny (Activision), Watch Dogs, and Assassin’s Creed are the top four new IPs of all time. Ubisoft hopes to replicate its success with a brand new unannounced AAA IP coming later this year.