CLG Power Through Flash Wolves to Make it to the Grand Finals

Following in the footsteps of SKT, CLG make it past the Flash Wolves to book a spot in the MSI Grand Finals. It may not have been as clean as SKT’s series, but they move on 3-1 all the same.

Game one between the two was the best for CLG. Huhi got Ryze, Darshan was on Ekko, and Aphro was playing Bard. Flash Wolves tried to replicate the Sivir-Soraka bot lane that SKT showed yesterday but didn’t get the long laning phase SKT had. Everything broke down after a failed gank by Karsa on the inverted bot lane. Banking on some over aggression from Aphro and Stixxay, Karsa missed his cocoon on Elise and from there CLG turned on a switch.

They applied pressure bot side with Darshan going aggro on MMD’s Poppy causing Karsa to immediately make an appearance after walking over and clearing a pink ward. With that knowledge, and FW’s bot lane switching back bot, CLG moved in to take top.

Then it all goes bad for FW as CLG progress to the tier 2 top tower and MMD teleports to stop their push. He gets bard ulted, stunned and eventually dies resulting in first blood. From there CLG just looked to always be in control. They rotated bot to take the tier one Darshan had already lowered and just proceeded to team fight their way through the rest of the match extremely well.

Game 2 was the only game they dropped and not their best showing. This time around Darshan was first picked his Ekko and FW moved in to take both Ryze and Kindred. Mid lane was a mirror matchup of last time with Huhi on Azir and once again FW stole a page from SKT and went with a Ezreal-Karma bot lane since Soraka was banned out. To counter that Aprho chose Janna, but she couldn’t manage to disrupt the pressure that Karma could put out.

From the very beginning things weren’t looking too hot for CLG. They lost the lane swap and tempo with FW playing it extremely well. Maple got an advantage mid and started to go in on Huhi whenever he could and Darshan, due to CLG’s lack of control, was behind Poppy always looking for a lane to farm up. With the lack of tempo control FW constantly had the side lanes pushing and used that to keep Stixxay and Darshan away so they could put pressure mid resulting in another tower for them. FW was the constant aggressor this match and looked really good.

Game three gave us a surprise Sona showing from Aprho which proved to be a big difference maker. CLG first picked Huhi’s best champ in Ryze giving over the Azir and Kindred to FW. CLG picked away the Ezreal for Stixxay and to answer NL chose Varus to go along with Karma. Things didn’t look too hot for CLG early on. Karsa got rolling pretty well early with two successful ganks top and one bot resulting in an early 4 kills. This time around there wasn’t a lane swap but FW had a 2k gold lead eight minutes in.

Once again FW controlled the tempo and were using it to take objectives around the map as they wanted, but CLG’s trump card was having Sona to catch out Karsa. While they may not have had a lot of options for hard engage they were able to negate Kindred’s ult and burst her out, and that’s exactly where everything turned around. After a huge fight mid where Karsa ulted early CLG took both drag and Baron and used that to take a gold lead. From there they never looked back and split pushed/team fought their way to victory.

Game four’s bans went as usual but this time FW picked away Darshan’s Ekko. Huhi once again got Ryze and FW went with Azir to “counter” along with Karma. This time around CLG went with Nidalee to counter the Kindred early game for some aggression of their own and still picked Sona to negate the ult. NL retired his Varus after falling off last game for Sivir.

FW got off to an early game lead once again, but CLG matched FW’s aggression with their own to retake the lead much earlier than they did last time. This made the game much easier for CLG because they were winning these team fights and skirmishes along with getting objectives. After grabbing Baron CLG broke the base taking down two inhibs and finished off the series soon after.

Even though they fell behind early in a few games CLG showed off their team fighting fighting ability to keep games close and come back. If they have any edge going into the finals it’s that ability that could put them ahead. They’ve already taken a game off SKT during the group stage so them winning is improbable, but not impossible. You can catch all of today’s games here.