CLG to take on SKT in MSI Grand Finals

The Grand Finals are set and Counter Logic Gaming will be taking on SK Telecom T1. While SKT may be the favorites they are technically the fourth seed meaning CLG has the advantage going into picks and bans. CLG has priority side selection in games one, three, and five and can use that to either get first pick or a last pick counter.

That may be the only real advantage they have though as SKT have looked like they’ve found their World Championship form in their last series against RNG. The tournament meta switched on them a little bit and ranged supports became the new thing. Wolf showed that he can and has adapted to it copying Aprho’s style and learning from him.

CLG introduced Sona to the pool in their series against Flash Wolves and used it to turn fights and skirmishes in their favor. They also showed that they can match aggression with aggression and, like SKT, will jump on any mistake you make. The one glaring problem though is that Darshan, in the FW series, showed a lot of mistakes.

During laning phase Darshan was pretty aggressive on MMD and FW made him pay. That’s mainly how they got their lead in games two and three. Karsa made a few visits and now CLG was dealing with a fed member of Flash Wolves. While they did come back from this they won’t be dealing with the same team. They’ll be dealing with the reigning world champs who are known to crush teams with their mistakes.

You never know what’s going to happen though and it’s anyone’s series to take. CLG won’t be fearing SKT and are planning to at least make a match out of it. If Darshan can stay safe and CLG can output some early pressure they could definitely take a match or two.

Matches are set to start at 10:30 p.m. PDT and you can catch them here. If that’s too late you can watch the matches once they’re uploaded here.