Riot Bans Another Troll

After receiving backlash for how they banned Tyler1, Riot is continuing the trend with scary quickness.

Some of you may know the name The Rain Man from when League of Legends was just budding as a eSport. He played top lane for Team SoloMid for a very short time, but now runs his own team called, Team Solo Queue. He wasn’t very good, but also that’s not why we’re writing about him.

The other day some Redditors posted a video about how he was trolling on stream and a mere 30 minutes later he was banned. Impressive? Well it gets better. While streaming one of his smurfs right after that he gets banned right after a match.

Regardless as to how you feel about the Tyler1 situation you have to applaud Riot’s consistency on the matter. If you’re famous or at least streaming the game and trolling, you’re likely to meet the ban hammer very very quickly. You can see his reaction and the incident itself below.