German Club FC Schalke 04 Partners With eSports League of Legends Team Elements

German football club FC Schalke 04 announced on Monday that it would be entering the realm of eSports through their acquisition of League of Legends team Elements.

The Berlin-based Elements, which was founded under the name of Alliance in 2013, will be participating in the next League of Legends Championship Series, according to FC Schalke 04.

“We acted quickly in order to be able to participate in the upcoming summer split,” says Tim Reichert, head of eSports at Schalke.

“Our players are hungry for success, talented and passionate about every match they play. By completely integrating a team of professional Esports contestants into our club structures, we are aiming to set new standards for the scene.”

With the football club now involved in the ever-growing world of eSports, FC Schalke 04 revealed in a press release that it would be sharing further news at their press conference on Thursday, May 19.

“Esports has drastically increased in terms of professionalism within the last years,” Schalke chairman Moritz Beckers-Schwarz said.

“We want to speed up this process by making sure our players experience the best training conditions possible and assisting them in their development as professionals. We will fully commit to this and integrate them into the club.”