Tales of Berseria Characters, Mystic Arte, Skills Detailed

Despite being around nine months away from release in North America and Europe, Bandai Namco is already dishing out information regarding their upcoming RPG, Tales of Berseria. In a post from their official Tales blog, Bandai Namco has detailed a couple of the characters alongside the Mystic Arte and Skills.

Firstly, the half siblings Oscar Dragonia and Teresa Linares are introduced. As both are powerful exorcists, gamers will cross paths with these two non-playable characters throughout the story. The final new character is Dyle, a somewhat different character we’ve come to expect from the Tales series as he’s a lizard daemon who helps our protagonist Velvet.

Mystic Arte also returns as players will be able to activate it once the Blast gauge fills up, unleashing a devastating set of blows to your enemy. Skills can also help enhance characters by giving them hidden abilities. You can either activate these skills through equipment or titles.

Tales of Berseria will be available in Japan on August 18, with an English version coming sometime in early 2017 for PS4 and PC.