Frozenbyte Games Releases Shadwen Launch Trailer

The stealth genre is at its best when it has a fair amount of improvisational action thrown into the mix. After all, there isn’t anything inherently fun about hiding if that’s literally the only thing you do. Shadwen, the new title from Frozenbyte Games, notable for the development of the Trine franchise, takes stealth-action and throws in a very interesting mechanic into the mix as well.

Imagine if you were to take the time mechanic from Superhot, where time moves only where you move, and insert it into a comical stealth-action title set in the midst of a fantasy world. The idea that this mechanic is being used in third person is actually super fascinating, as this will allow players to see far more of the action than they normally would in, say, first-person.

In honor of the release of Shadwen, Frozenbyte has released a launch trailer that showcases some of the comical action that players can expect when they hop in for the first time:

Shadwen is currently available, having launched today, for PC and PlayStation 4.