PS4 and Vita Versions of SteamWorld Heist Almost Ready for Boarding

It’s been almost six months since SteamWorld Heist breached the 3DS eShop, but the PS4 and Vita versions have been languishing on the sidelines as the HD version comes together.  Today finally sees a release date for bigger, shinier versions of the game, and not only are they arriving on May 31 but they’re cross-buy as well.  Rounding out the package is day-1 DLC in the form of The Outsider, which only came out on 3DS at the end of April.  Day-1 DLC is always a little iffy but to be fair to SteamWorld Heist, it wasn’t day-1 on its original platform.

SteamWorld Heist is the third game in the SteamWorld series, although chronologically it’s actually the fifth, with the next games in the series telling the story of how the planet got turned into a cluster of giant asteroids orbiting around the remaining world core.  As the captain of a pirate crew it’s your job to control a squad of robot boarders taking on a series of spaceship-invading missions in turn-based side-scrolling strategy shootouts, carefully using cover and taking clever trick-shots in order to survive and plunder the randomly-generated missions.  It’s a tough job but that’s the freeboting life of a steampunk robot space pirate, which makes all the effort worth it.

While the Sony consoles get SteamWorld Heist next, current plans call for an undetermined but “soon” release for the PC version, followed by the remaining consoles when and as they’re completed.  The video below not only shows off a bit of the launch trailer but also the comparison of the 3DS version to the updated HD, plus talks a bit about where and when the rest of the conversions will be landing.  Short version- they’re getting done and updated one at a time, so owners of the WiiU, Xbox One, and iOS will get their turn eventually.  In the meantime, the Sony consoles get first crack at the HD version in two weeks, flying the shattered skies of the wreckage of SteamWorld to plunder all the treasure and fancy hats they can steal.