Even More Pokémon Sun and Moon News to Come

Just last week we received all sorts of Pokémon Sun and Moon news including a look at the starters and legends. Fans were also given the release date, saw two trailers, and were completely spoiled. We even came up with a fun list covering a number of items featured in the videos. But what is coming next?


A Tweet posted by the Pokémon Company Japan reveals new details and information will arrive in a couple of weeks on June 2.  We can only speculate on what’s on the horizon. We’ve seen the legends but there have been no official names announced. Perhaps we will learn more about the gameplay or storyline since we have already been shown a copious amount of footage.

There is so much we have yet to see or learn, last week’s announcements were just scratching at the surface. Stay tuned for more Pokémon news as we draw closer to the November 18 release date.