LASTFIGHT Brings Power Stone-Style Gameplay to Steam Today

Power Stone was a respected arcade game that gained a huge cult following as a Dreamcast launch title. Its sequel changed things up a bit with even more frantic action and kept review scores high. Despite the franchise being well-regarded, Capcom didn’t do much with it beyond a PSP collection of the series that stripped-down the graphics. With spiritual successors being a modern-day way of getting similar kinds of games made without needing to own the original IP, it seems like a good fit for the series and the folks at Piranaking have done just that.

LASTFIGHT will release on Steam on May 19 and the Steam page even starts off with a Winners Don’t Use Drugs parody and an Insert Coin message. The fighting action looks fast, and the cast of characters is bizarre. The highly-stylized graphics look quite good, and being able to toss anything you see in the environment at your enemies will keep the action fast. Changing things up from a free for all to more of a tag team scenario is a nice twist as well, and the development team’s devotion to fighting games should ensure that it plays well. We’ll be sure to cover it as much as we can upon release, and love some chaotic fighting fun here at the HG offices.