Reminder: Fallout 4 Expansion, Far Harbor, Out Tomorrow

Everyone has seen everything there is to see in vanilla Fallout 4, Automatronand Wasteland Workshop, right? Liars. It’s time to get cracking as the third DLC expansion for the venerable title is out tomorrow, May 19. Bethesda Game Studios isn’t messing around on this one, either.

Promising the largest landmass that they have ever created for an expansion, the games studio is working hard to ensure that the players get their money’s worth. Of course, mass isn’t everything. Just ask my wife. (Fat joke!) There needs to be substance, something that Bethesda has guaranteed in spades. Promised in the new content are “new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons, and higher-level armor and weapons.”

Fallout 4 Far Harbor 1

The main quest of this congregation of content is centered around a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency. This sends the player to Maine to deal with some bad blood between a colony of synths, the Children of Atom, and a local town. It looks to be some interesting stuff, and Bethesda has been putting out some compelling DLC.  (Yes, yes, we remember horse armor. They have more than made that up.) Folks interested in checking out some information directly from the developer’s mouth need only to scroll down.