Secret Sorcery’s Debut VR Game has ‘Simple and Empowering Gameplay Mechanics’

Secret Sorcery managing director Scott Kirkland has hinted at what players can expect to see in the developer’s debut VR title.

Speaking to Hardcore Gamer in an exclusive interview, Kirkland explained how Secret Sorcery is developing its title to be a unique and original VR experience, claiming: “Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to leave!”

“Beyond the original approach to our chosen genre — something that’s been recognised by our friends at PlayStation — and unrivalled player comfort, we’ve crafted a suite of simple and empowering gameplay mechanics, wrapped in a beautiful visual style that further enhances immersion,” he said.

Secret Sorcery, which was founded in April 2015 and is located in the North West of England, has plenty of experience from the gaming industry among its ranks, having recruited past employees of Rage Software and Driveclub developer Evolution Studios.

Secret Sorcery’s unannounced IP will be an exclusive for PlayStation VR, following on from the news that the UK-based developer had established a partnership with Sony earlier this year.

PlayStation VR is expected to launch in the U.S., Europe, UK and Japan in October 2016. Additionally, the headset’s retail price will be $399 (€399/£349).