Meet Alani: Battleborn’s First of Five Free Characters

Alani, a new playable character in Battleborn, is the first of five free characters to be released in the coming months, Gearbox announced today.

Alani will be available on May 31 on all platforms, but those who either bought the season pass or participated in PlayStation 4’s open beta will get her early on May 24. PAX East was the first time players learned about this character, as she was discussed at the Battleborn panel. She is a member of the Eldred faction and a healer, forced to fight. Alani is the last of her people, who were made extinct after Rendain stole all the water from their world.

All of Alani’s abilities are water-based as she can control it (like a water bender). She can use her water to either take out enemies or to heal her friends. The picture below gives players a look at Alani, as well as glimpses at the other four characters that will be announced soon.

Battleborn - Alani 2
Battleborn will also be getting a Double XP weekend starting on May 20 and running until May 25. For more, check our review of Battleborn and of course the mobile game, Battleborn Tap.