Square Enix Provide Update on Latest FFXV Collector’s Edition

With the announcement last April that they would be producing a further batch of the Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition after the previously limited run sold out — and subsequently found its way into the hands of scalpers — Square Enix have today offered up an update to those eager for a second chance at snapping up a copy. Posting on their official blog, the company detailed that only a further 10,000 units have been produced, reiterating that these editions may not get to fans before the game’s official launch on September 30.

They refused to clarify how many units would be distributed across the many continental regions but have assured that Europe, North America, Asia & Australia/New Zealand players were all eligible. It’s also unclear if those originally in line for the Collector’s Edition will get top priority, but Square Enix have reiterated in their instructions that the latest batch will run on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should fans receive an e-mail confirming their order, they have up to 48 hours to purchase their copy before the opportunity moves onto the next in line on the waiting list.

Fans in Europe will be able to purchase the Collector’s Edition when it goes on sale next Monday at 10AM BST via the official online EU store and like e-mail confirmations, will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis with purchases limited to one per person. Final Fantasy XV will launch for PS4 & Xbox One.