Destiny’s Next Expansion Poster Has Leaked Online

Destiny’s fourth expansion is titled Rise of Iron and will be announced at E3 and released in September, according to a report from Kotaku and a post on Reddit.

Redditer Viking805fan posted a picture (a SnapChat, actually) of the poster for the expansion, which you can see below. It shows the City wall torn down, and an Iron Lord brandishing a fiery axe, ready to defend. There are also two wolves next to the Titan and if that means there are officially going to be companions in Destiny, the hype is going to get way out of hand. But before we speculate, there’s more.

Jason Schreier, the Kotaku editor who confirmed the rumor, said also that there will be a raid, and that it will be bigger than the year one expansions, although maybe not bigger than The Taken King. Schreier didn’t know, however, how the DLC with affect the Iron Banner, which is one of Destiny’s PVP events that is held in honor of the Iron Lords.

Destiny Rise of Iron
The raid will reportedly be based on the raid that was supposed to be part of the House of Wolves expansion, which had been scrapped for the time being. Schreier’s sources told him that Bungie had planned to release the raid back in April, but it got delayed again for some reason.

Bungie has moved their release window for Destiny 2 back into 2017, instead of the fall of this year. Rise of Iron has taken its place, but what will happen in spring of 2017 is still unknown. When Hardcore Gamer hears about what that might be, we’ll be sure to let you know.