Lynn and the Spirits of Inao Cancelled Amid Controversy

Earlier this month, French developers Bloomylight Studio began their Kickstarter campaign to help fund Lynn and the Spirits of Inao, a 2D platformer they have been working on since 2011 which caught our eye thanks in part to its striking visual style, along with what appeared to be some rather solid gameplay. Things were going well for the game’s crowdfunding, having raised seventy perfect of its funding goal with two weeks left to go. Alas, now thanks to a recent controversy, we won’t get to experiences Lynn’s adventures, as the game has been cancelled.

In a final statement on the campaign page, Bloomylight mentioned that “mistakes from the past” were now harming the game, and that they they were receiving “violent” declarations and threats, causing them to come to the decision to cancel the project. Digging deeper, it turns out that the “mistakes” they mentioned was the fact that they had apparently not paid some of the interns working for them over the course of the game’s development so far, and such an action is in fact illegal in France if the interns have been working for them for over two months.

According to various sources, the interns were threatened with bad performance reviews and had to sign legal documents saying they were paid when the case was otherwise, among other reports. Our sympathies go out to the interns and other victims here, and to those who were looking forward to Lynn and the Spirits of Inao and the Miyazaki-inspired adventure within it.