Overwatch May Get New Character on Monday

A new character for Overwatch could be announced on Monday, according to a bunch of rumors circulating the internet.

The epicenter of the rumor is found in France, where a theater chain posted about their May 23 screening of the next Overwatch hero short, starring Soldier 76. The advertisement (seen below) says “discovery of new heroes,” which has been denied as a typo.

Overwatch New Character
Who could it be? Well, there are only two options that we know anything of. Sombra, a character mentioned by Reaper in some of his dialogue, and on an iPad looking thing on the Hanamura map. Other characters have been teased through maps. D.Va, for instance, showed up on posters in the game before she was announced. Redditer Nirolak has made some pretty astute predictions and made some convincing connections that point towards this Sombra character. Check those out here.

The other option would be Ana, Pharah’s mother, who was part of Overwatch before her death. Overwatch has a vast backstory, which has been detailed in some of the game’s artwork. Ana could come back from the dead as Soldier 76 and Reaper have both been reborn. In the artwork, Ana is seen with a sniper rifle, which could connect her to Nirolak’s predictions as well.

Either way, Soldier 76’s animated short, titled “Hero,” will arrive on Tuesday, May 24 online. Or in a French cinema on May 23. Whichever you choose.