Release Date Announced for OmniBus

We all know just how devastating the wait for OmniBus has been. After all, given the game’s long development history and gleefully demented gameplay that came as a result of such lengthy amounts of work, it only makes sense that we would want to get our hands on such a sublime experience that can only come from the simulation of an unstoppable bus as soon as possible. Well, we thankfully won’t have to wait much longer know, as Devolver Digital and Buddy Cops have announced that the much-anticipated game will be released on Steam when May 26 rolls around next week.

Those of you who pre-order the OmniBus: Game of the Year Edition now get ten percent off, but for the high rollers out there, you can purchase the Ultimate Bus Driver Edition on the game’s website for $7,500. This comes with the game, the soundtrack, and anĀ actual 1977 MCI Charter Bus! All you have to do is give the money directly to Devolver Digital CEO Fork Parker, which absolutely does not sound sketchy at all. Or you can grab the free edition there as well, which still manages to feel incredibly realistic. Whatever your choice, OmniBus looks to be a true delight when it comes out soon.