Petition Started to Remove ‘Paid Off’ DOOM Review

So it looks like Uncharted 4 isn’t the only game recently released to have incurred the wrath of the almighty Internet community. Following the release of id Software’s DOOM last week — which was met with sweeping acclaim from a wide assortment of critics, us included — a petition has been started via to get IGN’s review of DOOM removed from Metacritic under the argument/belief that it is “severely altering the score that it deserves”.

Writer Joab Gilroy, who reviewed the game for the site, gave it a 7.1 and, according to the petition, clearly signals this as another example of critics¬†“paid off by large devs and shouldn’t be use [sic] as a legit source of review.” The petition precedes this by stating: “All other reviewers give it [DOOM] sterling reviews and has 90% and above score on steam. Advanced warfare [sic] received a 9.1 yet being [sic] a mediocre game.” Currently the petition has over a thousand supporters, indicating this particular opinion is not without similarly-minded people sharing this belief, but ultimately represents but another case of user blowback after an opinion is shared online. DOOM is out now for PS4, Xbox One & PC.