The Congressman is Hitman’s Next Elusive Target

The latest in Hitman’s ongoing series of once-in-a-lifetime Elusive Target’s has been detailed. The Congressman, as has been identified, will be appearing in the game’s Sapienza location starting next Friday May 27. As always, players have a limited time to track down, hunt and assassinate their target before said target disappears for good. We’ll have to see how well the player-base will do with next week’s target, following the reveal of statistics showing a 53% success rate – roughly 10% of which was achieved via a silent assassination. Below is a snap-shot of who players will be looking out for.

Hitman Elusive Target 2

IO Interactive have also confirmed that the release date for Episode Three — which will be set in Marrakesh — will be revealed soon and will precede the game’s presence at this year’s E3, though again we’ll have to wait until mid-June to see what else is in store for Square Enix’s continually-updating title.