Inti Creates CEO Curses Out Deep Silver for ‘Crappy’ Mighty No. 9 Trailer

Mighty No. 9 went from being the wunderkind of the indie game space, heralded by gamers as the proper return of Mega Man, to a bit of a punch line for an oft-delayed game (think Duke Nukem forever on a smaller scale). What may have finally turned the gaming masses away from the game for good was the latest trailer that was released today from Deep Silver.

The trailer was quickly mass downvoted on YouTube and has received scorn and disbelief from practically everybody who watched it. Including the CEO of the game’s co-developer.

Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu went to Twitter tonight to voice his displeasure of the latest trailer, stating “Awful. What is this PV? What the hell was D*** *il*** thinking making a crappy PV like this?!  Unforgivable.”

In case you were curious, the censored words are “Deep Silver” (not too subtle). It will be interesting to see if any fallout occurs over the trailer as clearly Japan and North America are not on the same page about the handling of its release.